WALK THROUGH THIS: A Story of Starting Over

A film by Laura VanZee Taylor


I am so incredibly honored to share an AMAZING film that is being created featuring my dear friend’s story. Sara Schulting-Kranz is a phenomenal guide, mother, coach, human and friend. I’m so grateful to walk beside her through The Grand Canyon and in life. And our upcoming November Retreat through the GC will be filmed by a documentary film crew! HOLY MOLY!!! If you’d like to pitch in and help make this EPIC shoot possible, click the DONATE button.

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Where do I begin??? Although I’ve known Sara for just a short couple of years, I believe our souls have known each other for lifetimes!

Two years ago, Sara and I were asked by a mutual client to lead a day-long women’s retreat in Los Angeles. We had never met before. We chatted on the phone briefly about how we would guide this day together and in those few short minutes, I knew we would click professionally.

We met up the morning of this day retreat and it all happened. I led the meditations. Sara led the coaching. We merged our gifts to create an experience for this beautiful family unlike anything I’ve ever led before. We immediately recognized that we HAD to work together again. Mere weeks later I was eating lunch with Sara, agreeing without hesitation to lead mediations on her next Grand Canyon Hiking Adventure Retreat…I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew I trusted this woman, even though we had just met. But I could have never anticipated that this trip would lead me to one of the most magical collaborations I could ever imagine.

I’ve since co-lead 3 Grand Canyon Retreats with this wonderful woman and I’m gearing up to join her again during Thanksgiving Week for the next incredible retreat and documentary film shoot. To say I’m thankful our paths have crossed is a HUGE understatement. Sara has taught me what it is to truly rebuild trust. Trust in others. And even more importantly, trust in myself. I’m beyond grateful to walk alongside her during this journey. And I CAN’T WAIT to share her incredible story with all of you! Please help us fund the documentary shoot in The Grand Canyon! Thank you so very much for your support :)

The pain was overwhelming, yet I lived daily by what my parents taught me when I was 17 years old: ‘Place one foot in front of the other. You will get through this.’ I needed to move my body to maintain my sanity.
— Sara Schulting-Kranz

”WALK THROUGH THIS: A Story of Starting Over” is a new documentary in production from the director of 
I Am Maris.

In the wake of a devastating discovery that brings back a childhood trauma, a mother of three finds the strength to leave her destructive marriage and start a new life. 

After 17 years of what she thought was a good marriage, Sara discovers her husband is living a double life. When the truth comes out, so do her memories of being raped as a teenager. She grapples with the past and the present and comes to understand how one affects the other.

With her life imploding, Sara finds the will to survive in nature. She becomes a wilderness first responder and a hiking guide. Now she helps other women overcome trauma while guiding them through canyons and over mountains.

The film will follow Sara as she leads an internationally and culturally diverse group of trauma survivors on a healing journey through The Grand Canyon. Through this grueling 4-day hike, each woman will lay bare her past traumas and discover her personal strength. They will strive to emerge with the wisdom, forgiveness, and inspiration to live their best lives.

Walk Through This is the story of letting go of the life you thought you had and — step by step — building a new one.

For more info, visit https://www.walkthroughthis.com/